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Welcome to my personal website, which is a demonstration of my kinky sides, and what I have done for the last a few years. All pictures and videos in this site are taken by me, and all models are voluntarily on screen.

I’m originally from Beijing, now based in Central Singapore  and in relationship with an amazing local guy. I’m 183cm, 80kg, fit in shape, loving outdoors sports, hopefully you are the same tribe.

Right now partnered with an amazing guy, we are both dom tops and play together most of the time. We are looking for muscle subs, or at least gym fit type to have fun together. Although I have posted a lot of group plays here or in my Twitter, I do care a lot about mutual pleasure during our sessions. I prefer one-on-one session (or together with my bf) for the first time we meet, taking time to know each other, then we can move on to group sessions. This is to make sure that everyone invited to my party is someone we know and trust, and to keep the situation in control, sane and safe.

We prefer muscular or sporty guys, regardless of races, as our playmates. Especially into smooth legs, so if you can shave your body hair before we meet, I’ll really appreciate it.

One most frequent question I was asked for a thousand times is, how do I play? I can generally say that we played bondage, teasing, wiping, spanking, breath control, cum control, etc. As most people into BDSM scenes, I am also exploring my territory and constantly trying new things, like sounding. But the idea of downgrading your delicate human body into simply a tool or toy, using it for all kinds of pleasure, excites me the most, and this leads to various ways of playing. However, before each session every detail was pre-discussed and we made a protocol (like, safe-word) which would be strictly followed during the whole session.

Each session is a fusion of all sensations. The touches of skin, licks of tongue, texture of ropes, gravity, pain, shame, vibration, humiliation, the tremble of orgasm… How could anyone describe everything with a few lines and pictures? Only if you experience it by yourself. Anyhow, it’s probably more intense than what you thought.

Chloroform is my recent favorite. Manipulating conscious-less chloroformed guys as my dolls is a big turn-on for me, and my dolls do enjoy the feeling of totally losing control if you want to know. Sevoflurane or Isoflurane for medical use is available with me, but it also comes with a risk. I’ve certified with Basic Life Support + AED and First Aid (issued by Singapore Resuscitation and First Aid Council), to make sure you are safe in my hands.

For most of the cases, anal sex is involved, but exceptions could be made with pre-discussion.

BDSM is addictive and most important, PLAY SAFE. My principle is, at least: NO hard drugs, NO scat, NO blood, NO bareback.

Since you have already found this hidden gem, you must have known how to contact me; just introduce yourself, better with a picture. You never know what will happen and nothing is impossible, right? I really appreciate your time reading this while people don’t have much patience these days. Thank you.

Limits are few:
No scat, no drugs, no blood, no BB, no chubby.

HIV/STD free up to Apr 2020, you need to be the same.


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